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Make me money by doing nothing

About Me

Honestly there isn't much for you to know about me.
I'm a Space nerd with a knack for development that has too much free time.
In my free time I create Discord servers, hell- that's probably how you found this website.
Apart from that, I'm also on the support team for discord.me.

Discord Bot Development

(commissions are open, please hire me, thanks.)


I have developed for well over 100 clients in the past couple of years.
From simple bots that track daily messages, all the way to full blown community bots that are able to run entire servers.
I can do any & everything. Contact me for a price (I also offer bot hosting).


ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable moderation & general purpose Discord bot.
With powerful ban, kick & warn commands along with an easy to use welcome & leave system, there is something for everyone.

ScrumpBot has many planned features yet to come, from anti-raid, to a never done before server-chaining system.

More information!

My Discord Servers

Medium Cafe

Medium Café is a new, fast-growing & active chatting server! We're one of the best places on Discord to come and meet new friendly people! We strive to produce the most welcoming environment possible, the servers moderation team is comprised of a group of skilled moderators with lots of previous experience in moderating, managing and creating servers that have grown onto become large multi-thousand member communities!

We have lots of exclusive server-features that have been developed in-house by our developer/owner, Scrumpy.
1. VC Ranking system (VC levels).
2. Custom XP system (similar to Mee6).
3. Unique currency system with a server shop!
4. Lot's of community events!
5. Custom Music bot & community bot!

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Crunchyroll is a Discord server focused around all things Anime!
We have been sponsored by rightstufanime.com and can now giveaway Official High-Quality Anime Merchandise.

> Over 7000 members!
> 24/7 Active Voice channels,
> Text channels never die!
> 5 Music bots, all with high-quality audio!

> Custom Currency System
> DAILY Giveaways
> Custom VC Leveling System
> Custom Private VC Creation System

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My Emoji Servers